Summer got me Dreaming


 Well, here we are. August already. I cannot believe how quickly this Summer has fallen through my hands. It's been a mad Summer for me. A lot has happened. I've gone out too much and haven't slept enough. I've been spending my time on a long list of distractions as well as working hours in a job to pay the bills and somehow fit in time to work creatively too. To be honest, juggling everything has been tough, but every time I say I'm going to be good and sensible etc, I just end up tempting fate by doing something spontaneous anyway. Perhaps in the next few weeks while Summer is winding down, I'll take some time at home for a calm repose...

I mean... We'll see about that, but I guess the problem is that I really don't have any desire for a quiet weekend to myself. I don't know why but this time of year energizes me in a way that I almost forget feels possible at any other time of year. And it's definitely not the sunshine because I live in Ireland where it's raining most days. I blame my friends for being too interesting and too fun. I also blame the god damn Beats for fueling my sense of adventure and want for a great story. It's so fun and invigorating but also leaves me exhausted because as soon as I catch my breath from one thing, I am once again breathless for something new. I can barely manage my texts, never mind actual professional emails. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit feeling hungover from too many parties or sprawled out on my bedroom floor listening to music, procrastinating, instead of working. I always feel like I'm half in love with something or someone or some place new every other week. Constantly caught up in the 'what ifs' and that very specific kind of daydreaming that comes with being young and single in the Summer. I'm still feeling like this, although I'm well aware how quickly this month will slip away - just like those hazy, dreamy thoughts of mine do when I finally pick myself up from my bedroom floor...

Photos by the extremely talented Brinkley Rose Capriola

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