A Perfect Pairing


Lately, it seems that denim has become more popular than ever and jeans in particular have made a huge comeback with various trends thrown in for good measure. It's impossible to shop the high street without coming across frayed hems, cropped flairs and embroidered detailing on classic styles. I love it. I would honestly, very happily, live in my jeans every single day if I could do so without them falling apart or, you know, if life didn't require me to wear other things from time to time. I bought this pair of Binx jeans from Topshop a year or so ago on a whim, but never really wore them. Then all of a sudden straight leg jeans with frayed hems were EVERYWHERE and now these are my favourite jeans in my wardrobe. It's almost like, the timing just wasn't right for us back then, but fate brought us together and now we're in a beautiful loving relationship. You know what I mean? Yes? Let me know if I'm the only person who falls in love with her clothes please and thank you.

Let me tell you why I love this style of jeans. They go with everything, look effortlessly stylish dressed up or down, and in my opinion I think they look good on everyone. That's all I really want when I make any kind of investment purchase and I love how these look with my Dr Martens AKA my go to shoes. So it's only natural that Docs and jeans are a perfect pairing.

Anyway, moving out from this outfit, I thought I would give you a little update on what I've been up to. I've been really busy lately with uni work and at the minute we are doing an Illustration project designing a book cover for To Kill A Mocking Bird as part of a competition for Penguin. It's literally a dream! I've been trying my best to make some positive lifestyle changes lately, so hopefully I'll be able to balance work/study/blogging a little better. I guess these things just take time.

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this here before, but one of my favourite things in the world is going to the cinema alone. I LOVE IT. I'm a massive film nerd anyway and love going with friends, but there's something I really enjoy about spending that time alone. Choosing whatever film I want, having a free seat for my coat, not having somebody speaking to me during the film... it's pure bliss to me. If I ever feel a bit stressed at uni or working at home, I just nip down to the local cinema and see whatever I can. As it's awards season, there are so many great films out at the minute, and I've been going so much. If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have noticed that I'm kind of a little obsessed with La La Land (I mean, who isn't?) and I've been to see it one, two, three, four times. Yup. If you haven't been to see it yet, please forget all the reasons why, close this page immediately and go! Go before it's too late! It's truly fantastic. One of the best films I've ever seen. Four times.

I really want to start talking more about films on here because they are such a big part of who I am and what I enjoy. So I thought I would just start by recommending something really great I had seen lately. Apart from La La Land (obvs) I think my two favourite films from recent months have to be Paterson and Manchester by the Sea.

Paterson is so beautiful. It's not often you get to see a film where each character has so much unassuming goodness. It's slow and it's simple but it's also so delicate and poetic. Honestly, I left feeling really genuinely inspired to write again and like I wanted to be a better person. If that's not reason enough to watch it then I don't know what is. Oh wait yes I do. ADAM DRIVER. Are there any words? I have all the time in the world for that man. Just. Magic.

The other film I wanted to talk about - Manchester by the Sea - has lots of buzz around it right now because it's nominated for a bunch of Oscars. To be honest, I wanted to see it for ages but I kept putting it off because I'd watched maybe one too many films about grief lately and I thought it would tip me over the edge. And tip me it did! Although I cried absolute rivers when I finally went to see it, by myself of course, I would easily watch it again.  It's about living a real life, one that has been irreparably turned upside down, questions that won't be answered, loose ends that probably can't ever be tied. The acting is incredible and I really love how it's paced. I think it's a masterpiece. Although, this is why awards season is so confusing to me, because I was really blown away by Casey Affleck acting in this film yet I also completely fell in love with Ryan Gosling in La La Land (like everyone else I'm sure) so it's so hard to figure out who should win "Best" in the same category when they are so different. How can they even be compared?

If haven't watched any of these yet, please do! If you love films that make you cry and question everything then these are the ones for you. As always I hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know what your perfect pairings are or if you've been to see anything great in the cinema lately. I'm going to see Moonlight later and I already can't wait to talk about it!

Jumper & Blouse - Marks & Spencer | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Dr Martens
Photography by Rachael

Returning to Blogging, Set Backs & Staying True


Hello you, wonderful you! I know I've said this a thousand times already, but I'm going to say it again. From this post on I will be blogging regularly. I really will! It's hard to come back from a hiatus, to find the motivation, to know what people what to read. So please, tell me what you would like to see, whether it's more outfits, more beauty, more personal posts, anything. 2016 was a strange old year for me, and like a lot of people, I'm glad it's finally over. I'm looking forward to organising myself a bit better this year, so if anything bad or unexpected comes my way, I can be at least a little bit more prepared! It's sometimes too easy to get caught up in negativity and forget about the good that surrounds us, so I'm going to try and focus more on that and share it with you all here.

Self-confidence is still a work in progress for me, and I often feel anxious and worry about how my personality comes across online. I want to be my authentic self, so if I ever meet someone, I just seem like I'm the same person both online and in the "real" world. It's easy to get caught up in the pressure that comes with social media, but it's good to remind myself from time to time of how far I've come in terms of self-confidence. When I started this blog, I mainly focused on sharing outfits and writing a few paragraphs about why I lied my outfit. It's true that I still love to talk about fashion and personal style, but over the years I have opened up a lot more online about matters close to my heart and it feels more fulfilling to share more of my personality. After all, personal style is just one part.

Some of the most positive comments I've received have stemmed from the content I was most afraid to put out there. This has really encouraged me to stay true to myself. The online world has a bed rep sometimes for bullying/trolls, however, I feel very lucky that I have found a space where I can be myself more and more every day. It has been a great source of self development for me and I have met so many amazing people online. I really am so grateful to all of the people who have taken the time to engage with me and especially to those who have created lasting friendships with me. I have been lucky enough to get to know some incredibly inspiring and creative women online. I find that I am always drawn to those who are un-apologetically themselves and reflect their spirits and inspirations in their work. This reminds me that you don't always have to go with the crowd, you can completely be yourself and still succeed.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing more with you all! Please do let me know what you would like to see more of. These photographs were taken by my great friend Rachael - you can check her blog here.

Cardigan & Jeans - Topshop | Top - M&S | Shoes - Dr Martens
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