Be Kind To Them Always


Hello! How's it going? I know we're only half way through but 2016 has already been an incredible year.  It has shown me how to grow, how to put others before myself, how to make mistakes and how to keep going. It has shown me why I make mistakes, why I mess up, how to fix situations, how to leave broken things broken. I have learned that not everybody will deserve a part of me, but how everyone, even an enemy if I have one, deserves respect. As I continue through the rest of this year, I remember that I am here because of the kindness of others. My only wish is to honor this sentiment and to treat kindness as the backbone of my intentions from here on out.

The remaining months of 2016 will not be perfect, it will be a continuous journey of progress and self-discovery, but I guess one thing that should never change throughout it is your kindness. I am feeling incredibly inspired lately by the kindness of others and I know sometimes it sounds little bit of mushy to talk about it so much, but sadly these things are often taken for granted.

Life is short and I think it's important to celebrate all good things. I love to hear stories of random acts of kindness, so please share yours with me if you can.  Let's show the world that bad things aren't the only thing that deserve our attention.

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