Living With Less


We all carry worries on our shoulders. Each and every one of us. What do you do with your worries? Do you bottle them up or spit them out? I've had a lot of thought provoking conversation with my friends and family lately and I've been reflecting on my life over the past few years. Looking back, one of the things that strikes me the most is how much I used to stress out about stupid little things. I swear I would have let my worries ride me to the grave! However, sitting thinking about it now, I feel that my perspective has shifted. I think maybe it's because I had a massive health scare last year and maybe it's also the fact that I'm turning 25 this year. It's probably a culmination of everything. Whatever it is, it's changed me for the better and I've never been so glad.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about the luxury of laziness. Obviously I'm not speaking for everyone the world over, but for me and the people around me, it's incredible that we have the chance to do nearly nothing and get by. All in all, this world is a pretty easy place for me to live in. I never worry about surviving here. And yet, we find ourselves constantly scared about things that are so menial in the long run. We can hang out, be free and we have so many opportunities, and for the most part, survival is taken care for us. 

Personally I think living with less and truly just being ok with where you are in that moment is one of the best weapons you can have against stress. Just being able to honestly say to yourself, "Look, this is ok, I will get through this part, tonight will end and tomorrow will come all the same, and I will be fine."

We all worry. I know I still do from time to time, but perspective and purpose are two things I am constantly reminding myself of. Don't be so overwhelmed by the amount of options you have in this life that you forget to choose a direction to go in. Whatever you do, don't let too many choices keep you from choosing one at all. Don't live in fear. I think the most important thing you can do with your life is to just go out and live it. I wasted so many years feeling so hard done by, because of genuinely bad things that happened but also over really dumb things that don't actually matter all that much. We're so lucky to just be here at all and I never want to forget that.

I say we should shrug as much of the bad stuff off our shoulders and embrace the moments we're in head on. As a person who has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I'm slowly learning to take things one day at a time without any medication. Unless you count working hard and drinking too much Jameson on a Saturday night as self medicating?  Though it might be tough and overwhelming some days, I venture onward. Always.

Worrying about something will never really help in any way. If there's a problem you need to fix - you know what you need to do. If you simply can't tackle the problem, move forward. Keep going. Persist.

Side note: I honestly feel so proud of myself for writing honestly and worrying less about what other people think. I still love fashion, but as I mentioned a few months ago, I've grown bored of only talking about my outfits when there's so much more to say. Thank you for sticking with me through all the changes here.

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