Twenty Sixteen : Hopes and Dreams


Resolutions... in April? Yes. I think about them at the beginning of the year just like everybody else. It's hard not to, but I guess I can't always adhere to the prompt in the same way. I wake up every morning with a thousand resolutions for that day alone, most of which are forgotten by the evening. They always come back around though and I've spent the beginning of this year trying to narrow them down. My resolutions aren't at all strict, I guess I'm not very good at sticking to rules. We often exclaim our resolutions at the start of the year and by the time Spring properly rolls around, the enthusiasm has almost disappeared completely.

My resolutions might seem a little weird, a little whimsical perhaps, but that's just me. Here's to you 2016, here's to working hard and having fun, here's to making more friends, here's to worrying less because life is going to be crazy no matter what you do and we're all going to die some day. This isn't a morbid thought from me, but one I remind myself of as much as I can. Every breath we take is a stroke of luck and life is wonderful. Each day is a gift no matter how tough it might be, and it's something we will never appreciate enough. You're alive right now and that's all that matters.

Here's to you 2016, and here's to YOU! Thank you for sticking by me and my blog through the changes and the silence.

These are my 2016 resolutions. Make your own list, live by it, glance at it from time to time to remind yourself, or throw it away. Who cares?

Here's to doing whatever you want!

Indulge my thoughts as they come, no matter how silly they may seem. Such as taking up a hip hop dance class because I'm addicted to watching dance videos on Youtube.

Rediscover the poetry I studied at university. Read, recite and write down the verses I can't understand. Read more and when I think I'm finished, keep going.

Drink less coffee and sleep more. Drink more coffee and sleep less. 

Stop worrying about aesthetically pleasing filters and if I've posted too many selfies on Instagram. These things don't matter.

Open my mind. Push open my perspective when it comes to friends and romance. This is a door that is only partially open would you believe, but opening up is the only way to let the great ones in.

Spend less on things I don't need. I work in retail and love to shop, so this one will be tricky... but do I really need another roll neck jumper when I already have about 25?

Avoid spending more than 20 minutes on my physical appearance every day. I've nailed swooping a cat eye across my lids in 30 seconds, why should the rest take so long? 

Stick with the gym. Yeah it's hard but it feels fucking fantastic. Remind myself that there was a time when I was too sick to get out of bed, now I can run a mile without feeling like I'm going to die.

Grab a notebook and write down my favourite lines from the books I'm reading.

Keep a note of interesting things, no matter how insignificant they may seem. 

Understand that some things take time. Quit trying to rush everything. Get this permanently etched on my retinas to avoid forgetting. 

Travel somewhere beautiful even if it's only for one day. Leave my phone behind.

Photograph by Luke Joyce

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