Berlin Travel Diary #2


Brandenberg Gate, Jewish Museum and Memorial

Hello there!

I hope you've all had a great weekend. Sorry for being so quiet on here, I've been absolutely swamped with college work again and I'm pretty sure my brain still thinks it's Christmas. I'm excited to share more travel diaries from my trip to Berlin with you! This evening is all about some "touristy things" we ticked off our list.

A few days into our holiday, we took a trip to the Jewish Museum and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. I've always had a big interest in history and theology, in fact I almost studied theology as a minor instead of Film at university! We spent an entire day there so be prepared to set time aside for it. It was one of the best parts of the trip, however some parts of it were understandably harrowing.

Rachael and I took our own separate routes around the museum; we could barely speak to each other when we met up again because it was really unsettling. The building itself is spectacular, however in some parts it is designed to make you feel trapped with no hope of escape and it can be quite difficult to walk around. I really enjoyed the Jewish Memorial, however it's designed in the same way that it it leaves you feeling pretty unsettled and claustrophobic. I actually felt so overwhelmed while walking through it, the walls were growing around us and the voices of other tourists sounded further and further away; and I just burst into tears because I felt so emotional over it! I'm really sensitive and cry all the time anyway, but this whole experience was understandably very moving.

We did quite a bit of tourist stuff, including a stop off at the Topographie Des Terrors. It was very upsetting at times but an incredible amount of history that's definitely worth seeing. If you only do one tourist thing while you're in Berlin, I would fully recommend you make it the Jewish Museum. It's absolutely massive and it covers everything from the foundations of the beliefs, traditions, Jewish people of note and also of course the Holocaust, the war and the aftermath. There are also some brilliant exhibitions and installations, including a robot writing the Torah at human speed. If you;re at all interested in history and theology, then it's the place for you!

This was all very affordable too! The Jewish Museum was 8 euro entry and the Topographie Des Terrors is free.

What are some of your favourite "touristy things" to do in Berlin?

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