I Can See Me In Your Eyes


Sometimes I think life would be much easier if I could just wear a black roll neck jumper all the time. I know that sounds terribly boring, but I kind of live in this one from Topshop and it goes with basically all of my skirts so.... yeah! I really love teaming high neck tops with  patterned A-line skirts for a sixties inspired look. However, I feel a bit like I just wear a variation of this same outfit all the time, so 2015 will be the year that I mix it up, even if it's only a little bit!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Karen

wearing: Top, Bag, Shoes - Topshop, Skirt c/o Blue Vanilla
Photography by John


  1. I have a massive weakness for a good old roll neck jumper haha! They are so comfortable. I've even been wearing them under dresses (probably because of the cold weather more than anything). They seem to have replaced all of my shirts recently although I have no idea what I'll do when summer comes along - I've got so attached I'll probably have to have them dragged away from me.

    Anyway, I'll stop rambling about roll necks because really, I just wanted to say that I love your style. This outfit is lovely :) x

  2. I love a roll neck jumper. They just look so cosy. I'm loving your 60s vibe here, but they even look great casually with jeans. New look have some pretty ones at the minute in loads of colours. One for every day of the week ;-)

    Nyaomi x

  3. I love roll neck jumpers but I'm never sure they suit me - I hope 2015 will finally be the year I'm brave enough to wear my black roll neck jumper outside!

    You have such a pretty vintage style - I always love seeing your style posts and photographs on Instagram.



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