Out of the Woods


Hello there! Oh boy, it's been a while since I've been on here. I really didn't mean to take such a lengthy break from my blog, but I'm so happy to back sharing my first outfit post of 2015! So far, January has been pretty boring for me to be honest. I've spent most of it hidden away, buried under college assignments due for the end of the month and listening to 1989 on repeat. (Seriously, life is too short to pretend you don't love Taylor Swift!) 

I'm not really one for New Year's resolutions, but I do think it's nice to set yourself some achievable goals for the year ahead. This year I hope to write every day, read at least six books, eat a little better, worry less and travel as much as possible! What are your resolutions? Have you been sticking to them? I love reading what other people are aiming for, so let me know!

My sister got me this lovely Topshop dress for Christmas, I love the scallop detail, especially on the back. It's so flattering and will be great all year round! It really looks like I'm frolicking around in the sun in these photographs, but don't be fooled - it's still Winter and Ireland is definitely still freezing. I just really wanted to show off the back of my dress!

As for Christmas, I had a really wonderful time and I also got these cute Topshop 'Joyful' heels as a gift. They are so pretty, I wish I had them in every colour!

Anyway, just a quick little update from me today. Expect to see a lot more from me after this month - I hope you're all having a great one so far!

xoxo, Karen

Wearing: Dress & Shoes - Topshop, Bag - Vintage 
Photography by John


  1. I lurve Taylor Swift!! There I said it. Welcome back :) Best of luck with smelly assignments. X

  2. Such a cute and classic outfit! Definitely very Taylor - the new album is awesome and always on repeat haha Great post :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. gorgeous dress and welcome back :) one of my new year resolutions was to blog more which i haven't been doing great with so far! x

  4. I adore your outfit! My main goal is to stick to eating healthy and drinking less.. lol ;p

  5. I would like to have every clothes from your wardrope : *


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