Knee Socks


Hello October! I am so ready for Autumn dressing but it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter here every day, it's crazy! These photographs were taken last weekend, and I wearing an over-sized coat with this outfit, but I felt like I was actually melting so I had to take it off. You can't really see my face in any of these, but at least you can see my cute dress! I love wearing over-the-knee socks under tights, just to make an outfit a little more interesting. Knee socks can be tricky to pull off and sometimes I don't like flashing too much skin, so popping a pair underneath some tights is a great alternative.

Will you be wearing knee socks this season?

I hope you all had a lovely start to your week!

xo, Karen

Wearing: Dress - Forever 21, Bag - Accessorize, Socks - Penny's, Shoes - New Look

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