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As I was sitting at my desk, unable to bring myself to start my next English assignment, I thought I may as well put my time to good use and write up a little post. I like to add a personal element to my blog every once in a while because I think personality is key when writing a blog.

I was considering possibly making this a little mini series when I started this blog, but I was very wary of putting myself out there. Lately, I have found myself over thinking far too much and I think I really take for granted all the wonderful things I have. I have lots of reasons to be happy, but I think one of the reasons I have been taking that for granted is because I haven't had a very positive mindset.

When I am feeling down or just stressed out, I like to sit down and make a list of all the things to be happy and grateful for.

Here is my little list of reasons to be happy:

1. Spring time: Here in Ireland, the weather really knows how to keep us on our toes and Winter seems to last all year round! However, this month I have noticed the sun shining almost every morning when I wake up and it instantly lifts my mood. The bursts of fresh flowers and the longer evenings have me so excited for Summer, it just cannot come quick enough!

2. Amazing readership: When I started this blog in January, I genuinely thought that nobody would read it. I just wanted somewhere I could write about my interests and I assumed I would be invisible amongst the thousands of other fashion blogs out there. However, through the power of social media, I have had thousands of views and met so many wonderful people, and it's only March! I really appreciate every comment, tweet, follow and like. It means so much to me that people actually read and enjoy my blog. So thank you!

3. Pinterest: I know, I know. This one might sound a bit silly, but they say it's the little things in life! I have always enjoyed spending the odd hour here and there pinning away. However since I moved house it seems that I could spend an entire day on there without even realising. So far I have created my dream home/wedding/round-the-world-trip and more wish lists than I can count with my fingers. I love it.

4. Did someone say dream home? I have been living with my boyfriend (John, more on him later, maybe) for pretty much two years now and we recently moved into the most wonderful little house. It is so cosy and perfect, and compared to our old house (which turned out to be awful in the end) it is such a dream. Our friend Dave lives with us now too and he makes a very (very) good cup of tea. Happiness in a cup.

5. Creativity: One thing I love about blogging, is that it works as a brilliant creative outlet for me. I am currently studying English, but I wasn't really writing anything non-academic and it was driving me a bit mad. Now I run this blog and contribute to CultNoise Magazine and I cannot even begin to tell you how good it makes me feel.

What are your reasons to be happy this week? You can never have too many and I would love to hear some of yours!

I hope you are all feeling happy today!

xo, Karen 

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  1. lovely post thank youuu !
    what keeps me happy is thinking about next year (i'm in my last year of high school) or going on the internet to blog haha :)

    -clemence x


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