Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine is one of Belfast's newest vintage stores. Situated in the very centre of the student quarter, this newbie is a very welcome addition indeed. The shop is three floors tall, packed with classic pieces, retro treasures and affordable vintage – perfect when you are on a student budget, like me! The bottom floor is home to an impressive record collection, with a treasure trove of furniture and clothing found upstairs. 

The name is a tongue-in-cheek nod to The Beatles of course, the original 1960's style icons. My friend Rachael and I always have so much fun vintage shopping, I love it so much because you never know what you are going to find. Our visit to Yellow Submarine was no exception, the place is crammed with gorgeous vintage clothing, including footwear and accessories. 

Everything from vintage clothing for both ladies and gents, to furniture, vinyl, artwork and literature - you name it, they have it! For a place with so much going on, it really is incredibly organised. This store has something for everyone, including the lovely little "chap room" where adoring boyfriends can sit back and relax while their ladies enjoy some retail therapy.

The lovely Charlotte guided us through room after room, each one filled with it's own vintage wonder. At the very top of the building we discovered a little room lined with classic novels, this is where I felt somewhat in my element. You see, I am pretty good at balancing books on my head it seems. I am not sure if that is a skill I will ever need to use but, you never know!

If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, make sure you take a trip to Yellow Submarine. In the meantime, you can visit their Facebook page here.

I hope you all had a lovely start to you week!

xo, Karen 

Outfits c/o Yellow Submarine Belfast. Photography by Rachael.

Time For Tea

Hello there! Monday is here again and I have another busy week ahead, this one will be full of assignments unfortunately. However, I am off all next weekend so I can treat myself then! This weekend was so lovely. Even though I had to work most of it, I had Saturday off, so John and I went for a really nice lunch and he treated me to the Topshop Blush Midi Tulle Skirt from my March Wish List! The skirt is so feminine and fun, I cannot wait to style it for a blog post! 

These photographs are from a little day trip to Dublin with my friend Rachael. We visited Beaux Bows and Yesterhere and they had the cutest little tea sets on sale. Anyone who knows me well will know just how obsessed I am with tea. I love it so much, I am actually running out of cupboard space in my kitchen because I pick up a box of herbal tea almost every time I pop to the shop. Being typically Irish, I am a firm believer in that a good cup of hot tea solves everything. Well maybe not everything, but it sure is a great way to start!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!

xo, Karen

Outfit c/o Beaux Bows. Photography by Rachael.

Our Love Is Like A Carousel


Hello there! This post features a shoot I did a few weeks back with Carousel. I have been having so much fun recently playing dress up in all of my favourite places to shop, I never want it to end!

Carousel is a unique, independently owned Irish store, situated on Exchequer Street, Dublin 2. The area is also known as the city’s “Indie Quarter.” The cobbled streets are lined with bustling caf├ęs, bars and vintage shops. It is the perfect place to spend your Saturday in the city.

I have always had a serious soft spot for Dublin, and it is always such a treat to pop in to Carousel when I am there. They offer both vintage and vintage inspired pieces, their very own 'Carousel' brand, and a selection of internationally sourced brands. Including a new addition, called 'Circus' which includes the Pleated Swallow Skirt pictured above. I love the atmosphere in the store, which is filled with fun and feminine pieces. They carry an extensive range of accessories too, I have to admit, I found it very difficult not to bring all of their coloured satchels home with me! I have to say, I think my favourite piece from the shoot had to be the pink peter-pan collared top, it is just so pretty and perfect for a sunny Spring day!

What I love most about Carousel, is that all of their designs are extremely wearable. In store, you will find something for every occasion and most of their pieces can be dressed up or down and are designed to flatter every body shape. Their designs are both romantic and timeless, and can be pulled out of your wardrobe season after season. The staff are absolutely wonderful. They are so lovely and cheerful, and more than willing to go out of their way to make sure you have the most comfortable shopping experience possible.

If you ever find yourself shopping in the capital, make sure to pop in to see the girls in Carousel. Even if you are just popping in for a look, the store is an absolute joy walk around in! If you are not fortunate enough to find yourself in Dublin anytime soon, never worry, Carousel have an excellent online store which you can visit here.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!

xo, Karen

Outfits c/o Carousel. Photography by Rachael.

Reasons To Be Happy


As I was sitting at my desk, unable to bring myself to start my next English assignment, I thought I may as well put my time to good use and write up a little post. I like to add a personal element to my blog every once in a while because I think personality is key when writing a blog.

I was considering possibly making this a little mini series when I started this blog, but I was very wary of putting myself out there. Lately, I have found myself over thinking far too much and I think I really take for granted all the wonderful things I have. I have lots of reasons to be happy, but I think one of the reasons I have been taking that for granted is because I haven't had a very positive mindset.

When I am feeling down or just stressed out, I like to sit down and make a list of all the things to be happy and grateful for.

Here is my little list of reasons to be happy:

1. Spring time: Here in Ireland, the weather really knows how to keep us on our toes and Winter seems to last all year round! However, this month I have noticed the sun shining almost every morning when I wake up and it instantly lifts my mood. The bursts of fresh flowers and the longer evenings have me so excited for Summer, it just cannot come quick enough!

2. Amazing readership: When I started this blog in January, I genuinely thought that nobody would read it. I just wanted somewhere I could write about my interests and I assumed I would be invisible amongst the thousands of other fashion blogs out there. However, through the power of social media, I have had thousands of views and met so many wonderful people, and it's only March! I really appreciate every comment, tweet, follow and like. It means so much to me that people actually read and enjoy my blog. So thank you!

3. Pinterest: I know, I know. This one might sound a bit silly, but they say it's the little things in life! I have always enjoyed spending the odd hour here and there pinning away. However since I moved house it seems that I could spend an entire day on there without even realising. So far I have created my dream home/wedding/round-the-world-trip and more wish lists than I can count with my fingers. I love it.

4. Did someone say dream home? I have been living with my boyfriend (John, more on him later, maybe) for pretty much two years now and we recently moved into the most wonderful little house. It is so cosy and perfect, and compared to our old house (which turned out to be awful in the end) it is such a dream. Our friend Dave lives with us now too and he makes a very (very) good cup of tea. Happiness in a cup.

5. Creativity: One thing I love about blogging, is that it works as a brilliant creative outlet for me. I am currently studying English, but I wasn't really writing anything non-academic and it was driving me a bit mad. Now I run this blog and contribute to CultNoise Magazine and I cannot even begin to tell you how good it makes me feel.

What are your reasons to be happy this week? You can never have too many and I would love to hear some of yours!

I hope you are all feeling happy today!

xo, Karen 

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