Review: Soap & Glory Once Upon A Lime


Soap & Glory Once Upon A Lime Gift Set (£18)

The Sugar Crush Body Buttercream is amazing! Body moisturisers are one of my favourite things and this one is no exception. I know I'm going to say this about all of these products, but it really does smell incredible! I love the fresh lime scent and it lasts for ages on my skin. The big tub also lasts for a really long time so it's well worth the money.

This Sugar Crush Body Wash will be great for travelling, as it's similar to Soap & Glory's Clean On Me which I use every day, however it's only a fraction of the size. It also smells amazing! The citrus scent leaves me feeling so fresh & clean. I would love to invest in a bigger bottle of this when my Clean On Me runs out.

The Sugar Crush Body Scrub is described as a smashed down sugar scrub with a fruity lime fragrance that blends sweet lime oil and almond oil with macadamia grains and glycerin from smashed brown sugar. Well, there's a mouthful! 

I think this product is my favourite from the set. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling really soft, while still being gentle. This is great as my skin is quite sensitive. It also smells amazing! I am definitely going to invest in a bigger pot. For only £8 I'll consider it a bargain!

Thank for reading, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far!

I would love to know, what are some of your favourite Soap & Glory products?


  1. I LOVE soap and glory products and I think my favourite it their body butter it's really good!!

  2. Hi Habby! I totally agree. After using the body buttercream more, I can officially say I'm obsessed! Thanks for the comment xx


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